So What If They Don’t Support You? Don’t Wait On Their Approval! KEEP GOING!

Sometimes I see my friends on social media acknowledge that no one supports them. While getting a positive boost and self fulfillment from others on our accomplishments is a good thing, we shouldn’t rely on it. I feel you shouldn’t rely on this action because it isn’t healthy. Some people don’t get support and then back out of something they have their hearts set on doing. This is confirmation that you should STILL keep going.

The longer you keep doing things, the support will come later because you get better and better. You will know who is true for you and who isn’t. Even if they don’t support you, they still can admire you and are inspired by you but are probably too jealous to let you see that lol (I know, right?) Sometimes people won’t support you, because they want you to lose. What do you do? YOU STILL KEEP PUSHING YOURSELF! Like, why determine the actions of others for your life?

The number one person that should be supporting you is yourself. Not many people have supported me or congratulated me on things I have done, but I STILL made it on top. As long as I know I did something GREAT for myself that’s all that matters. The praise from others will follow behind you if you keep going forward and looking ahead. That doesn’t mean you have to call them out about it or stop what you are doing.

You should be supporting yourself first of all and clap for yourself. If people aren’t supporting you, sometimes you should see it as a compliment that maybe they are jealous. Most of the time, people will support those they admire or support those they know. If they are jealous of you, they will be too intimidated to support you or too lazy to support you. Some people are having problems in their own life and are too unhappy to praise the blessings of others.

Waiting for their support is like waiting for their approval and when you wait for their approval you are under their control. Waiting for the support of others feels as though you want to impress them before impressing yourself. When you are supporting yourself first, you are at a point of self love and you will attract the right crowd that are true supporters and friends.

I have done many things in my life that are big accomplishments that I am proud of. Many people have supported and many people haven’t, but you have to keep going and be your own #1 support system.

You Want To Be Loved, But Have No Self Love…

You can tell if a woman loves herself or not based off what she settles for in life. I can tell plenty of stories back from my early 20s and give examples below lol
*I remember when I was 22 yrs old, I took a risk to see my ex bf in D.C with only $10.00 in my pocket…I didn’t think about my safety. So therefore I didn’t love myself bc the only thing I cared about was him over myself. 
*I used to do a guy’s paper in college thinking he’d like me more while my grades slipped.
I used to buy gifts for guys who never bought me anything, but bc I wanted them to like me.
*I would catch buses to visit a boyfriend when my mom would beg me not to go and she was crying. I still went..only for him to leave me by myself in a hotel room. I came home telling my mom she was right.
Don’t give your valuable body to someone who doesn’t deserve how worthy you are. That’s like  giving diamonds to a dollar store.

If you take these type of risks when you are in a relationship..then you are not in love. You are attached and that is different than a connection. You will know the difference later. โค Love yourself and you will be wise enough to know what type of treatment is best and what isn’t. You will see the difference.

Fix Another Queen’s Crown ๐Ÿ‘‘

I like making women feel good about their appearance and being helpful to uplift their confidence. I feel if we do this, maybe the world will be free of haters because we’ll be inspiring each other when we help each other. Maybe I’m just too nice. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ I’ve never had any interest in being a hater or putting other women down. I would often wonder if that meant I was not normal lol I’m always admiring or being motivated by women that are doing great things or looking amazing.

I was telling a very sweet woman how I lost weight because she couldn’t believe I was over 200lbs last year. Yesterday, this cashier in WalMart wanted to know how I defined my eyebrows. I was holding up the line going into detail to show her how I do my brows and what I use. They were both very thankful for the information I gave them.

Never hold back from educating other queens on health and beauty, they may not know much of it or afraid to ask. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. No woman shouldn’t feel insecure about her appearance. Take care of yourself 100% and help another queen blossom.

Dogs Are The Best Kinds of Therapy..Go Get You One!!

Knock Off. 10 years young ๐Ÿ•

When my family and I first got Knock Off, I can remember him being in a little cardboard box in our house. My aunt had brought him over and had said he would be a good friend for my niece who was 4 years old at the time. He was so tiny and so cute. I wasn’t a fan of small dogs, but we immediatly bonded when I had to stay home to work while my family went to Florida for a funeral. During that time, I jad found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me with a girl while he was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. I can remember the little puppy trying to jump into my lap while I was having an internet war with the other girl.

As the tears fell from my face and landed on my chest near my broken heart, the puppy was wimpering for to hold him. I picked him up and cuddled him as I was crying. We have been best friends ever since. When he came into my life, I had stopped self harming myself with razors. I can’t count how many broken hearts from failed relationshops that he comforted me through lol Whenever a guy would hurt me, I’d go in my bed with the covers over my head and he’d jump up in bed to nestle with me until I got better. It was always a feeling of relief.

He also detected the lump in my mother’s chest which led her to have a mammogram, discovering that she had breast cancer in 2010. She has been breast cancer free ever since and she always says had it not been for our dog that she would have found out too late.

Knock Off is also a great workout partner. As soon as we wake up and I take him out to potty, he will force me to take him walking by either leading me down the road or standing by the car for me to take him to the park ๐Ÿ˜‚ He is a very smart dog. He understands so many words, meanings and he knows the names of family members and friends. ๐Ÿงก

He can sense when you are in a bad mood and will do his best to make you feel better by grabbing a toy for a game of fetch. Lol. ๐Ÿ•

My advice: get you a furry buddy. You will be in great workout partner and a friend to comfort you in times of need. The only thing they need is attention, love and to be taken care of 100%. They will appreciate you as much as you appreciate them; if not more. โค Each day I am thankful for mine and I am very blessed to have him.